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Since it was founded in 2019, the New Millennium International Chamber Music Festival and Academy (NMICMF) has been a growing international community organized and directed by American-Hungarian violinist Miranda Liu, Hungary’s youngest concertmaster. Based in the heart of Europe, the festival is proud to have an all-star roster that is both international and diverse. Its invited artists are based in Hungary, Spain, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania, England, Bulgaria, Austria, England, and the Czech Republic, among others. The festival has taken place annually in the heart of Budapest at the end of August / beginning of September and has received attention from the Hungarian and international press for its innovation, in printed form, radio and television. Over 80 students from over 25 different countries have participated actively in the academy, both online and in person, the majority of which are talented musicians of the young generation looking for ways to grow artistically. One of the festival and academy’s goals is to unite different countries as well as different branches of art, opening the doors to future artistic collaborations between artists. The NMICMF is working together with international partners; in 2023 alone, “Edition Vilagarcía” and “Edition Ruse” Bulgaria were organized in Spain and Bulgaria, respectively.

The festival and academy’s partner and the only legal entity entitled to represent the Festival and Academy since 12 July 2023 is the V4 Music Foundation, a non-profit foundation registered in Hungary.



The events of the Academy in Budapest offer high-quality in-person and online learning opportunities for aspiring and talented musicians, where they can learn from world-renowned musicians and teachers who are active participants in the European cultural scene. This provides students with exceptional experiences and knowledge.

NMIA – Edition Vienna

The staff of the NMICMF would like to inform you that after the New Millennium International Academy’s highly successful editions in Vilagarcía and Ruse thanks to the Erasmus+ grant, the Edition Vienna in 2023 has now been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
We thank our whole community for its support and will return soon with information on further editions!

NMIA – Edition Ruse

The New Millennium International Academy – Edition Ruse provides a unique fellowship opportunity that covers the full cost of tuition for all chosen students, as well as access to masterclasses and workshops.

We believe in promoting inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality, recognizing that talent knows no bounds in terms of gender, age, or background. To this end, we offer scholarships to support musicians from all walks of life.

All participants receive the opportunity to participate in a Concerto Competition, to be held on the first day of the Festival. The winners of the competition will be granted the extraordinary chance to display their musical skills and perform as soloists with the Rousse Philharmonic Orchestra during the first part of the closing concert.

NMIA – Edition Vilagarcía

The New Millennium International Academy – Vilagarcía Edition offers a special fellowship program with full tuition scholarship for all selected students, with masterclasses, workshops and conferences.

The Academy offers quality education and online learning opportunities for musicians who are motivated and dedicated. Participants can learn from world-renowned musicians who are active in the European music scenes.

The Academy promotes inclusion, diversity and gender equality, as talent is independent of gender, age and background. We also support musicians through scholarships.


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