Edition Vilagarcía

Next day courses - 30 Aug 2022.

The New Millennium International Academy Vilagarcía Edition offers a special fellowship program with full tuition scholarshipfor all selected students, with masterclasses, workshops and conferences.  

The Academy offers quality education and online learning opportunities for musicians who are motivated and dedicated. Participants can learn from world-renowned musicians who are active in the European music scenes.

The Academy promotes inclusion, diversity and gender equality, as talent is independent of gender, age and background. We also support musicians through scholarships.

Some of the students will perform chamber music with the maestros of the festival side by side on the festival concerts.

The New Millennium International 


will also be organised in Spain!

Open to the following instruments:

– violin, viola, cello

– flute and clarinet

– piano

– string quartet, piano trio and woodwind quintet. If you would like to apply with a different group, please ask before applying.

Double bass, oboe, basson and horn applicants will only be considered for chamber music.

Arrival and departure

Students should plan their arrival to Vilagarcía on Sunday, 2 April 2023 and their departure on, Saturday, 8 April 2023.


All selected students will enjoy a tuition scholarship thanks to the generous support of the Erasmus+ program.

Housing and meals

The selected musicians will need to arrange their own travel, housing, and meals during the academy. The organization will provide information with some special offers for them.

Online lesson

The organization will organize an online tuition system for all the students that for any special reason are unable to travel to Vilagarcía (only for individual applications).

Registration and selection

Application is free to the fellowship program and all candidates should submit it online byWednesday, 8 February 2023 filling in the registration form and including 2 links of video with different repertoire. 

Around 10 days following the application deadline, students will be informed about their status and all selected participants will receive detailed information about the festival and academy.  


For any inquiries or questions please contact: nmicmf@sfvilagarcia.com. 


Concerts - Edition Vilagarcía

Opening concert – Chamber music concert No.1

Auditorio de Vilagarcía de Arousa

Chamber music concert No.2

Pazo D Rubianes

Chamber music concert No.3

Salón García

Closing concert – Chamber music concert No.4

Pazo El Castriño

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Meet the Outstanding & World-Class 2023 Faculty

Auditorio Municipal

El Salón García

Pazo Castriño

Pazo de Rubianes

Our Venues


Spaces in all programs are limited, and are offered to deserving applicants on a first-come first-serve basis.


The NMICMF is constantly adapting to COVID-19. We are happy to announce that in 2022, the master classes of the NMICMF are offering as many opportunities and as much flexibility as possible to its students.


Due to the coronavirus epidemic, applicants have the option of attending a full online course (a total of three lessons) in addition to the face-to-face masterclass. Participants may indicate on the application form if they would like to participate in person in the case that the organizers present the master classes in person as well (depending on the up-to-date situation of COVID-19). Those who prefer the online version may choose to stay online for the full course.


Courses online will be offered through the application Zoom and may be live-streamed.


*Proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test may be required for participants of the live master classes to ensure a safe learning environment for all. The organizers reserve the right to adjust the Hybrid Course to the situation of the pandemic.

Our workshops

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