Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m Alfonso Aldeanueva, a Spanish freelance violinist. I mainly work in some orchestras here in Spain. I studied in Barcelona, Vienna, Madrid and I have been training with different teachers and educators. I currently have two projects underway, one is DAL SEGNO – Orchestral Excerpts in which he deals with the preparation of auditions from sound recordings. The other is ACADEMICOS ONLINE -Kreutzer Project where I give different tips for practicing these studies in small videos.
What specific feature did you like the most about the NMICMF?
The closeness with the teachers and the ability to feel part of the masterclass. To feel that you are part of the team with proposals, opinions, listening. I believe that these masterclasses are a set of good basic work and the positive desire to create a good, professional work environment with enormous human quality.
Would you recommend the New Millennium International Academy, if so, why?
Of course, I would recommend it. My first edition was online and it was a good experience to work on the repertoire. In my last the face-to-face course I met different teachers in person, share dialogues, experiences, classes with them. Also, was very enriching time with different colleagues, collective study and shared projects and experiences.
Any advice for other NMICMF participants?
The best advice I can give is to not hesitate to participate in these masterclasses. You have to take advantage of all the opportunities in this world, to be able to share, learn, talk with teachers who are also active around the world playing. I believe that we musicians are greatly enriched if we participate in these courses and return home with recharged energy. Without a doubt, a masterclass to repeat!

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